Detective “Buck” Garner Jr. 
Louisa County Sheriffs Office, Virginia


Law Enforcement Officer for 26 years

Handling Bloodhounds for 26+ years for:
Virginia Department of Corrections
Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia
Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

Member of:
National Police Bloodhound Association since 1994
Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue Association since 1992
(Co-Founder, Vise President)

Past and Present Instructor/Officer of: 
National Police Bloodhound Association

Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue Association
Instructor/Vice President 
International Canine Academy for Search Training
Has instructed at schools throughout the United States and Europe

Has worked cases for local, state and federal agencies throughout Virginia

Has been recognized as Expert Witness

Has trained and handled nine Bloodhounds

Has trained hundreds of Bloodhound Teams from the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and Brazil

Responsible for Virginia’s first “Bloodhound” Case Law