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2024 VBSAR Seminar

May 19th thru the 24th

Location: Institute Farm

22265 Oatlands Road, Aldie, VA 20105

Reach out to Terry Davis at

All applicants will be reviewed, and the applicants will be contacted and advised of the status of their application before March 30th, 2024

Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue Association
Why was the association established?

The Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue Association was established in 1991 by a handful of Virginia bloodhound handlers who realized that, in order to have well-trained Bloodhound teams in Virginia to help assist the authorities in their searches for lost and missing subjects as well as wanted subjects, there would need to be a more reliable training program than what they had.

What have we developed?

So, in 1991 VBSAR was formed. Now there is a continual resource of training available within the state. And, the trainers are well established in the Bloodhound community, highly experienced trainers that are used nationally as well as abroad. There are structured weeklong training schools provided, as well as daily or weekend get-togethers for training of the hounds and handlers. Most of these handlers bear the responsibility of all the financial burdens in this endeavor. VBSAR tries to relieve as much of this burden as possible by giving the majority of the training free and if not free, trying to bear as much of the cost as possible. VBSAR also tries to supply some of the necessary equipment to the members when able.

What we have become!

VBSAR has become an association that is widely known around the country and abroad for the quality of training they provide and the quality of their Bloodhound Teams that respond to assist in the searches for missing and lost subjects. VBSAR teams have been responsible for saving the lives of many people, as well as locating many subjects that were considered a danger to our communities, in Virginia as well as in surrounding states.

If you have any questions regarding VBSAR email us at

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