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2024 VBSAR Seminar

Dates May 19st - 24th 2024

$525 for Members, and $625 for probationary and Non-members. This includes lodging and meals. Bloodhounds Only


REGISTRATION: To register CLICK HERE download the registration form below and fill it out then mail or email it to Terry Davis. When notified of your acceptance you will need to mail in your seminar fee and your signed Liability Form. This is the only way to reserve a slot. No phone reservations will be accepted.

Mail to: MD Terry Davis, ret.

51 Delicious Ct.

Martinsburg, WV 25403


Cell: 304-606-1540

THE VIRGINIA BLOODHOUND SEARCH AND RESCUE ASSOCIATION will be holding a six-day training seminar designed for law enforcement agencies and search and rescue units interested in establishing a Mantrailing Bloodhound unit or wanting needed continual training. All Virginia Law Enforcement Officers who attend will receive Mandatory In-Service Retraining (M.I.R.) Credits for this course.


Instructors for this seminar include international instructors, national instructors, search and rescue specialists, and other highly experienced professionals.

The program provides classroom instruction. However, the emphasis will be on practical training in the field. Attendees will work with their K-9 partner (if accompanied by one) on scenarios of criminal cases, and missing person cases, as well as working on specific problems of the K-9 team. This training could take place at night as well as during daylight hours, no matter what the weather conditions.


LOCATION:                         Institute Farm

                                        22265 Oatlands Rd.

                                        Aldie, VA. 20105

                                        (Loudoun County)

                                        Approximately 10 miles south of Leesburg, VA.


DATES:                               May 19th thru May 24th 2024


COURSE FEE:                       The registration fee is $525 for members and $625 for probationary and non-members. This includes lodging and meals.    

                                         All applications will be reviewed, and the applicants will be contacted and advised whether or not they received one of the training slots prior to March 30th, 2024


LODGING/MEALS:                 Lodging and meals are included in the registration fee. The meals will be served in the dining hall in the main building. All attendees will share sleeping quarters with other attendees of the same sex.



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