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Yes, that is what we train for. But, it would be preferable that we never have to respond to calls for reports of missing or lost individuals.
Here are a few tips that will keep you safer and make your outing into our wonderful outdoors a memorable one. Also, there are tips listed that you should follow. If you do get lost and you follow these tips our task of finding you will be much easier, as well as keeping you safe till we do.

It is great that you want to go out and enjoy Mother Nature and at the same time get some exercise. 
The only problem is that most of us don’t go out prepared for the problems that could arise. Hopefully these tips will make you and your family better prepared incase an emergency occurs.
These tips are useful for most outdoor excursions, whether you are going out camping, hiking, exploring, picnicing or just going out for some playtime in the park. 
Going out for awhile
Here is a list of things that should be a habit for you to do and take with you.


  • Always tell someone where you are going, and when you plan on being back

  • Wear the appropriate clothing, always carry something, incase of rain

  • Preferably, always go with someone else

  • Stay on the trails

  • Try to always use landmarks 

  • Take a minimal amount of safety items

  • Fanny Pack

  • Heavy duty large trash bag*

  • Glow Stick (optional)

  • Plastic whistle

Basically, these items will be enough to help you till help arrives. These items should be kept in the pack, and the pack is worn any time you or anyone in your family goes out. Kids out on a picnic don’t want a bunch of stuff with them so; this is the very basics.

* One of those ponchos in a pocket pack would do the same

If one was to get lost

Once you realize that you are lost, stay in one place!!
Don’t Panic – Think
Look Around – Is there a clearing near (This will be important, incase you here a helicopter)
Stay in one Place – Pick a tree (But not the tallest one) and stay with it
If not tired – Go out into the opening, and with a stick, draw an “X”, or make an “X” with stones
Blow Your Whistle – This is easier than trying to yell. If you hear a noise, blow it. If it is an animal, it will go away. If it is a searcher, they will be able to find you.
If you get cold or it starts to rain – Put your Trash Bag on. Tear a hole in it for your face.
If night comes – Hang your Glow Stick on a limb, it will be easy for the searchers to see at night.
*Animals are afraid of humans, and will stay away
*No one will be mad at you, they will be happy to see you
*Call as soon as you realize someone is missing
*Make a foot print of your child’s shoe, just prior to them going out. 
This can be done by placing a sheet of tin foil on the carpet and let your child step straight onto it and than pick their foot strait up. Now, place the tin foil in a place where you can find it, and it will not be disturbed. Now, you have a perfect print of their shoe to show searchers.

Community Services

The Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue Association provides well-trained Bloodhound Teams that will respond to assist in searches for missing and lost individuals. These teams are located all around the state as well as in surrounding states.

The Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue Association will also come out and provide presentations to groups on how to prevent yourself from becoming lost while out in the wilderness. We will also come out and give a presentation on how the K-9’s are utilized in searching for individuals that are missing or lost.

How to Contact VBSAR 
You can e-mail us at:
a team near you will contact you




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